National Picnic Month

July is National Picnic Month

If you enjoy getting out of the house and enjoying your food outside then July is the month for you! We have shared so many awesome recipes that can be on your picnic menu. It’s a good thing this is a month-long celebration because the options are gastronomical!

If you are tired of being stuck inside, get out and enjoy the sunshine! Grab your friends or family and find a picnic spot that best suits you. (Even if it’s your own backyard!)

Below you will find some of the food (with bourbon) recipes we have shared over the past few months that we think are really great picnic recipes. Check ’em out and pick your favorite.

Bourbon BBQ Sliders

Chipped Chopped Ham with a Bourbon Barbecue Sauce. This recipe is easy and doesn’t take much prep at all, it’s perfect for a picnic. These are sure to be a hit with your picnic people.

Bourbon BBQ Sliders

Bourbon Honey Mustard

Your new do-it-all condiment! Use your imagination while deciding on what you’re going to pair with this. There are no wrong answers. We tried it with pretzels and spread onto a juicy-burger.

Bourbon Honey Mustard

Cleveland Whiskey Curtido

Pickled veggies on a warm sunny day? Yes, please. This is the perfect complement to any dish. While it’s not the traditional curtido recipe, Cleveland Whiskey isn’t the traditional bourbon, either.


Choco-Bourbon Crispies

Remember how much you loved Rice Krispy treats as a kid? Well, we are bringing them back into your life. This time, with bourbon! We added a little bit of our Whiskey Bourbon Finished with Black Cherry Wood to the batter.

Choco-Bourbon Crispies

Bourbon Lemon Mini Pound Cakes

When life gives US lemons… WE make Bourbon Lemon Mini Pound Cakes. Quick, easy, and single-serving sized. The perfect treat to share with your picnic people. They will love you for these.

Bourbon Lemon Cupcakes