National Dessert Day: October 14th

National Dessert Day

So, let me get this straight ….. because I’m suddenly overcome with exuberant, if not ecstatic, emotion. Dessert is required today?

No argument here.

Just a few quick questions: Do the calories count? Is dessert mandatory at all three meals or is a steady intake of dessert dishes required for the glorious 24-hour period, with no meals?  Is it Pass/Fail?

I need to get additional details from that awesome Registrar at National Day Calendar.  I do know a good sipping bourbon can assist with the continual influx of dessert
samplings and dishes which I am planning on devouring.  Professionally, digestion will be key to our success.

www.clevelandwhiskey.com has plenty of recommendations for your guaranteed pleasure, and ultimate success at dessert-ing.  Far tastier and smoother than dissolved Alka Seltzer or that glowing neon pink liquid in a bottle. Bourbon and dessert all day today. Yeah, I can do this.  Let’s make the Registrar proud.     

Word of warning: Don’t go too hard.  I know National Chocolate Day is in two weeks 😊