National Dessert Day: October 14th

October 14, 2019

National Dessert Day

So, let me get this straight ….. because I’m suddenly overcome with exuberant, if not ecstatic, emotion. Dessert is required today?

No argument here.

Just a few quick questions: Do the calories count? Is dessert mandatory at all three meals or is a steady intake of dessert dishes required for the glorious 24-hour period, with no meals?  Is it Pass/Fail?

I need to get additional details from that awesome Registrar at National Day Calendar.  I do know a good sipping bourbon can assist with the continual influx of dessert
samplings and dishes which I am planning on devouring.  Professionally, digestion will be key to our success. has plenty of recommendations for your guaranteed pleasure, and ultimate success at dessert-ing.  Far tastier and smoother than dissolved Alka Seltzer or that glowing neon pink liquid in a bottle. Bourbon and dessert all day today. Yeah, I can do this.  Let’s make the Registrar proud.     

Word of warning: Don’t go too hard.  I know National Chocolate Day is in two weeks 😊