3 cocktails that taste like our favorite foods

In case you haven’t noticed, a majority of our latest cocktail recipes have been focused on our favorite foods.  If we could devise a tasty drink like a “Turkey and Gravy Martini” using Cleveland Whiskey somehow – we would.  Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts, Deep Fried Pickltinis,  and Key Lime Pietails came to mind instead ….. After all, who isn’t thinking about poptarts, pickles and pie during waking hours?  (Our R&D team isn’t giving up on the Turkey and Gravy idea – rest assured.)

Foods don’t usually taste like or remind us of drinks, but drinks can taste like and remind us of foods.  We can prove it. Test drive any of the three recipe cards you can download off our site and let us know if we’re wrong.  We know we’re right, but we’d like to attempt to make this seem like it’s interactive to some degree.

Some interesting fun food facts: Brown Sugar Cinnamon Poptarts are the #1 selling flavor. Deep fried pickles emerge victorious (in our distillery blind taste test) against any ho-hum, hum-drum side order of fries any and every day. Finally, Key Lime pie is so beloved it has its own annual festival in Florida, the state from which it hails.

So, because everything is better with whiskey, our whiskey, we decided to give our R&D team a fun project utilizing complimentary food and drink concepts.  The turkey recipe is turning out to be a bit problematic, and chunky, but they’ll get it (they’re a stubborn crew). When in a pinch, drink your favorite snack.  Made with Cleveland Whiskey.  Give your teeth a vacation.