Hand Sanitizer Update

Hi Everybody. This is Tom Lix at Cleveland Whiskey. We are here at the distillery. I just wanted to give you an update as to what is happening. We continue to make hand sanitzer virtually every day with the help of the Cleveland Clinic. Everything we make is going to the Cleveland Clinic and the 51,000 frontline healthcare workers. Everything is being donated and because of that we have gotten some great support from other people who are donating raw materials and the things we need to make the sanitizer.

Superior Beverage, you can see in the background some of the beer kegs they sent over. They are sending over thousands of gallons of beer that isn’t going to bars and restaurants right now and otherwise would go to waste, well we can distill that. So we are doing that everyday. We got a great donation from Red Eagle Distillery in Geneva, Ohio. They sent over 550 gallons of high proof, 190 proof, alcohol that we can use for sanitizer right away. Getting great help from box companies and label companies. Also we are getting some great help from MAGNET, the Manufacturing Advocacy Growth Network. They were able to source us 50,000 bottles, 50,000 bottles to use in this project. And within a week we should have a high speed bottling machine. Again, that MAGNET has been able to find and get donated or loaned to us. Which will be phenomenal. That will increase our productivity a lot. Of course we are still making whiskey. Ware sending it out, bottling it. Everything goes out to the liquor stores. We are still shipping to the 16 states that we are in. Trying to make sure we are in stock when people go to the store to get it. That is obviously our business… But a high priority for us right now is making that hand sanitizer So people are split between the two things we are doing .

Again, thank you to everybody who have helped us. I think we are doing something really important and you are all becoming part of it. Thanks for all the notes and comments on Facebook and everywhere else. That is really appreciated. Again, Thank You.