Cleveland Whiskey CEO, Tom Lix, Addresses Followers

Hi I am Tom Lix, CEO of Cleveland Whiskey. We’re here at Cleveland Whiskey today and unlike most days we’re not making whiskey. Today we’re doing hand sanitizer. We’re working in partnership with the Cleveland Clinic. The people behind me, who are the ones working right now, they are a mix of employees here at Cleveland Whiskey as well as employees from Cleveland Clinic. It’s a great mix. It’s a great team. And today I expect we will bottle another 3000 4 oz bottles of hand sanitizer. We’ll work on another 3000 bottles of 2 oz hand sanitizer so they can go in people’s pockets. And then we have about 80 gallon jugs we will fill today as well.

So we are keeping busy. We are trying to catch up with the demand needed at Cleveland Clinic. We are not charging anything for this. No money is changing hands. And the beauty of that is we are also getting donations from other local distillers and brewers and wine makers and container manufacturers and bottle makers and everybody is coming together to help the Cleveland community. All of this hand sanitizer is going to the 51,000+ health professionals at Cleveland Clinic-all of the  Northeast Ohio facilities. It’s going to doctors and nurses and technicians… all the people who really need it. These are the heroes. Because they are taking care of us. They are keeping us healthy and they are taking care of us when we get sick. And it’s so important we pull together as a community here and we are just doing a small part here at Cleveland Whiskey. Yes, we do make Whiskey, buy our whiskey that keeps us in business, that’s my little plug but importantly what we are doing here today and will continue doing this week, is making hand sanitizer.

Thank you.

Tom Lix.