Update Hand Sanitizer

Hello Everybody

Tom Lix from Cleveland Whiskey just wanted to give you a short video update on what we are doing here at the distillery. We continue making whiskey. We do that every day. We are still shipping to the states. That’s what keeps us in business. That’s what pays for people salaries and keeps us open.

But an important thing we are doing, as some of you already know, is we are making hand sanitizer. We continue to make hand sanitizer for the Cleveland Clinic. Everything going there to support their 51,000 front line healthcare workers making sure that the people who take care of us are also taken care of. I know that we just finished up another 3000 bottles that we will be shipping over to them later today.

But also something else to report is we are expanding our production and our distribution, our bottling to include sanitizer that has been shipped in from Procter & Gamble, they donated to this cause, they shipped in 2750 gallons yesterday alone.

We are bottling that creating sanitizer kits with gallon jugs and smaller refill bottles and the spouts and everything else putting that together and that will be shipped to the state of Ohio warehouses and they will distribute it to Police, to Fire and to EMS, to other places that desperately need it. So we are expanding this production. I am standing in a hallway on the second floor of our building and it’s a place where we normally don’t work but we had to expand to do that.

Again we are still making whiskey, the way you keep us going is by buying our whiskey so I hope you buy Cleveland Whiskey, but this is a little update on what we are doing on the hand sanitizer front and Thank You all for doing this. Stay safe. Keep social distance. Wear a mask. I only took mine off to do this video. I am going to put it right back on as soon as I am done.

Thank you.