National Whiskey Sour Day
August 25th

That Registrar at National Day Calendar is quickly moving up on our list of favorite people.  Ice Cream Day, Relaxation Day, and now Whiskey Sour Day… What could possibly top that? Swimming with Dolphins Day? Chocolate Cake Day?  August 25th is a HOLIDAY. OR A PERSONAL DAY. OR EVEN A SICK DAY. Call it what you will….  But the Registrar deemed it National Whiskey Sour Day, so you need to comply. Buy Cleveland Whiskey. Try our recipes below. Do what you have to do. We’re being demonstrative, we know, but we’re just excited to be the glorious messenger you want to hug. You’re welcome. Cheers.

Get your Whiskey Sour recipes perfected for your Labor Day weekend parties. Here we go.


Totally Tart Whiskey Sour

Chocolate Cherry Sour

Sweet Sour Spunky

Bourbon Madness Sour