National Underwear Day

Per the Registrar at the National Day Calendar, August 5th has been proclaimed as National Underwear Day. We over here at Cleveland Whiskey ask “Isn’t every day underwear day”?  Our Moms said ……  so, we encourage and recommend you obey the Registrar (and Mom) and put on a pair.  Be compliant.
You certainly don’t want to make an enemy out of such a high-ranking office holder. Or Mom.

BUT, on the other hand, that silly Registrar at the National Day Calendar.  This was just too good to pass up. While whiskey and underwear do in fact make a great pairing, we can and will argue whiskey and no underwear do too.

But alas, since today is National Underwear day, we will heartily recommend you put on a pair and say “Bottoms Up”, just for the Registrar.  And Cleveland Whiskey. Really. Put on a pair.  We’re keeping it honest over here. And clean (the humor and the underwear).