Coffee Collaboration with Guardian Cold Brew

Not since 2018 have we at Cleveland Whiskey infused our Bourbon with Coffee beans. Well, we’ve done it again. Differently.

This time we’re producing a limited release, single barrel run of the best infusion yet (our R&D team is busy, so no worries). Coupled with our uncommon and innovative pressure infusion and Guardian Cold Brew’s craft roasted premium coffee beans, we’ve concocted our best coffee infused Bourbon you’ve ever tasted.  Ever. Technically, here’s what we did:

This being the third release in our annual Bourbon Finished with Coffee Series, we really wanted to make it a true collaborative effort between us and the guys at Guardian Cold Brew. First, we took their magical, premium beans and did multiple infusions in bourbon with our pressure-aging technology. We did low amounts of beans to bourbon, high amounts of beans to bourbon, and everything in between. Then the grueling part of sampling began. We sampled versions at barrel strength (116 proof). Next, after narrowing the lineup to two favorites, we proofed down the whiskey further with Guardian’s cold brew, to add in even more coffee flavor. This is a first for our coffee series, as previously we used water to proof the whiskey down. Finally, after trying four different proof levels, we all agreed that 90 proof was not only perfectly poised and worthy of bottling, but the glorious collaboration had altered our lives and future drinking habits forever.

Thankfully, for the world, we in Cleveland are generous. And, thankfully, we have friends. Yeah, we know people.  Especially our Cleveland neighbors. So, because our friends at Guardian Cold Brew shared their magical, premium coffee beans with our R&D team in the distillery, geniuses they all are, the world is a better place.  Win – Win for Cleveland too. Proofing down our bourbon with Guardian’s Cold Brew has made this coherently Cleveland coffee concoction collaboration clever beyond… Cleveland.  It’s a world-wide phenomenon really, the 8th natural wonder, except because it’s a limited, single barrel experimental collaboration, the bottles will most likely never make it outside the distillery after the release party on the 17th.  We intend to purchase quite a bit for personal consumption….  so plan on being here at 4 sharp.

It’s good to know people.  Thank you Guardian Cold Brew.  Thank you R&D.  Thank you Cleveland. Cheers.