Happy National Ice Cream Day

Per the Registrar at National Day Calendar, July 21st has been proclaimed as National Ice Cream Day and is to be observed annually.  OK.  If we have to. Frankly we’ve never really needed a declared national holiday to celebrate ice cream, but if the Registrar orders it, AND today is the proclaimed national holiday, who are we to disobey?  So instead of risking the wrath of the Registrar, we creatively concocted an Ice Cream recipe with our favorite liquid – BOURBON.  (We really did – click on the link).

Our website product finder can direct you to the nearest location for your bottle of Apple Wood Finished Bourbon. Then, we recommend you make a beeline to your kitchen and whip up a batch. Milk, cream, maple syrup, sugar, vanilla. It’s Summertime.  It’s July.  It’s National Ice Cream Day. And this is the best Grown-Up Ice Cream you’ve ever had, or will have, until next July when we provide you with another Adult Ice Cream recipe to make you adore us and the Registrar even more than you do today.

We have our work cut out for us. And it’s by Order of the Registrar.