Underground Black Cherry Wood Rye

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For generations, oak has been used to age spirits simply because it has the right pore structure to hold liquid. It’s hard, if not impossible, to make a barrel out of black cherry wood. As a result there are so many untapped flavor profiles. Our technology allows us to use “transformative” woods to capture those flavors, letting creativity and innovation shine.

Tasting Notes
The spiciness of a 95% rye mash bill coupled with our unique finishing capabilities yields a totally new twist on Rye Whiskey. Cleveland Underground™ Rye Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood starts lightly sweet with notes of mellow oak, giving way to creamy vanilla and butterscotch, with undertones of baking spice and a candy-like, fruit
forward finish. Soft on the front, spice on the way down, with the linger of dried cherries on the palate.

Mash Bill
95% Rye  5% Malted Barley

45% Alc by Vol  |  90 Proof  |  750ml Bottle

Black Cherry Wood Rye Cocktails