Release Party – Bourbon finished in Maple Syrup barrel



On November 19th, we will be having a special limited release of a bourbon that has spent 7 months resting in barrel that was previously used to age maple syrup.

Cleveland Whiskey has been collaborating with Bissell Maple Farm in Jefferson, OH for a while now. We’ve been trading a few barrels back and forth so they can age their syrup in bourbon barrels, and in return we can age our bourbon in maple syrup barrels. A limited amount (less than 250 bottles) will be available to purchase out of the distillery that day as well.

As usual, we’ll come up with a creative cocktail featuring this limited product, and have samples available to taste.

Bissell Maple Farm will also be on site sampling out their delicious maple syrup aged in bourbon barrels. The syrup will be available for purchase as well.

Hope to see everyone there.

Tom Lix
Cleveland Whiskey
1768 EAST 25th Street
Cleveland, OH 44114