Favorite Child
Father’s Day Gift Ideas

Father Time never Falters.  And now it’s approaching Father’s Day. Again.  Maybe this time around you’re a Father too.  Who knew?  Who ever thought we’d actually get to be this age?  Remember when your Dad was your age now?  No.  That hurts. But you’re all grown up now, and ties and wallets are just too lame for you to even consider anymore, not to mention hideously repetitive of days gone by.  You’ve grown up, after all.  Be the child your good ol’ dad always hoped you would be.  Haven’t you given him a hard-enough time already? Years of angst, ugly sweaters and bad report cards? Whiskey is what the ol’ man wants.  It’s what he deserves. And he probably wants a nice meal to enjoy with his whiskey.  We suggest bbq, because we are our father’s favorites.  Dad said. So, we know best, just like dear ol’ dad. And we’re gonna help you.  We have a few great ideas and we invite you to further personalize these to be perfect for the father in your life. Think Circle of Life rather than Father Time kickin’ you where it hurts.

Dad’s Cleveland Manhattan Kit

If your dad loves whiskey, this collection of items will surely make you his favorite.  Put away the rubber cement and scissors, move past the ‘homemade card’ theme and  get a simple decorated crate to package up the goods.

Cleveland Underground Black Cherry Rye Whiskey – $39.99
Scrappy’s Bitters Classic Bitters Mini Set– $20.90
Noilly Prat Sweet Vermouth – ~$9.99 your local liquor retailer
Maraschino Cherries with stems – ~$5.99 your local grocer
Stok Cold Brew  – ~$4.69 your local grocer
JoyJolt Rocks Glasses set of two – $19.95
Peak 2” Ice Block Mold – $12.00

Dad the BBQ Pitmaster

Maybe your dad, while conquering Father Time, has also mastered the bbq and become the quintessential grill master… the Patriarch and owner of outdoor cooking. SmokerBRICX™ will be his spirit animal… or his spirit wood literally.

Cleveland Whiskey SmokerBRICX Black Cherry 32oz – $11.95
Cleveland Whiskey SmokerBRICX American Oak 32oz – $11.95
Cleveland Whiskey SmokerBRICX HIckory 32oz – $11.95
Cleveland Whiskey Apron – $22.49
Smoker Box – $11.97
Digital Thermometer – $9.97

Show Father Time who’s Boss.  You got this. Your gifts have evolved…. just like you.