Tom Lix Sanitizer Update

Tom Lix

So early in the pandemic we partnered with the Cleveland Clinic to produce hand sanitizer. Since then we’ve been able to donate over 10,000 bottles to support their front line healthcare workers. Its important to remember that they are the people keeping us safe the people keeping us alive. And as a company we have been honored to be part of this effort. a few weeks ago we also volunteered to work with Procter and Gamble to bottle and package sanitizer for distribution throughout the State of Ohio. Now we had to pivot, be necessity we became a bottling, packaging, and logistics company, not just a whiskey company.

Over the course of just a few weeks we shipped more than 4,200 gallons of packaged sanitizer to the Ohio Department of Aging. They in turn made sure it quite literally got in the hands of direct care workers supporting our seniors. Our seniors certainly some of the most vulnerable people during this pandemic. In addition, we are expanding that work to include support for the Urban League. All of this is meant to get sanitizer to the places that really need it.

And you, each of our customers, each of our investors, you have supported us by buying our whiskey so, thank you, thank you, I mean it. That’s what pays the bills.

Before I end, one more thing, this week we kicked off a program that will deliver sanitizer to each and every fire station in Cleveland and throughout Cuyahoga County. We start deliveries next week. You know we have a very simple mission statement at Cleveland Whiskey, that’s to make good whiskey and do the right thing. As long as we can help, as long as we can continue to help we’ll keep doing what we are doing. So in closing I want to say, stay safe, stay healthy and please, please look out for each other. Thank you once again.