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Underground Black Cherry Wood Bourbon

For generations, oak has been used to age spirits simply because it has the right pore structure to hold liquid. It’s hard, if not impossible, to make a barrel out of black cherry that doesn’t leak like a sieve. As a result there are so many untapped flavor profiles. Our technology allows us to use “transformative” woods to capture those flavors, letting creativity and innovation shine.  This bourbon finished with black cherry wood delivers a unique rich textured and well-rounded bourbon with light flavor from the cherry wood with a slightly tart, slightly sweet spice note. No added sugar, artificial flavor or preservatives.

Also in the Underground product line are Bourbons finished with Apple and Sugar Maple Woods.

Underground Black Cherry Wood Rye

The spiciness of a 95% rye mash bill coupled with our unique finishing capabilities yields a totally new twist on Rye Whiskey. Cleveland Underground® Rye Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood starts lightly sweet with notes of mellow oak, giving way to creamy vanilla and butterscotch, with undertones of baking spice and a candy-like, fruit forward finish. Soft on the front, spice on the way down, with the linger of dried cherries on the palate.

Black and Blue Bourbon Sour

Wheat Penny

Cleveland Whiskey’s Wheat Penny 1958 Bourbon is our first wheated bourbon and it’s finished with black cherry and toasted oak. Why 1958? 1958 was the last year of the wheat penny. It was the year the World’s Fair featured an electronic computer that demonstrated a knowledge of history. It was the year NASA was created and microchip was invented. The world didn’t know it yet but limits on what we could achieve were being eliminated. We can relate to that.

Wood fired oven right off the bat on the nose. Notes of tobacco, cedar, with a touch of campfire toasted marshmallow and apple crisp. On the palate sweet and savory up front, like salted caramel. Notes of clove and cinnamon with subtle mesquite smoke in the background that lingers well into the finish.

Magic Rabbit

Chocolate and Peanut Butter Whiskey. Experience creamy milk chocolate paired with peanut butter nuttiness and whiskey–an adult version of America’s favorite sweet treat like no other. Enjoy the magic!

Black Reserve Bourbon

Cleveland Black Reserve is a 100 proof, full-bodied bourbon. Cleveland Whiskey uses a proprietary process called Pressure-Aging.® a process that opens and closes the pores of charred oak to significantly speed the aging. However, you’ll find the technique also makes for a richer, more flavorful bourbon that’s easier to drink. But don’t take our word for it. Give it a try and tell us what you think.

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