Cleveland Whiskey Virtual Tour

Meet Tom Lix

In the past, most of our friends started as visitors to the distillery. They attended an open house, came through the distillery tour, or attended some special event that was held here. We had a pretty steady stream of people coming and going. Over the past several years things have changed, a lot. It started with the global pandemic, during which we grew, a lot, and the open space we had got filled up with equipment and inventory. Meanwhile, we found a place to build a new distillery, and, while we have been working on it, it is still in progress.

Today we invite you to experience our distillery in a different way. Here on this page, we have put together some short videos that bring a taste of our story, distillery, and some of our people to you.

Welcome to the Distillery

Meet Brandon. He is our distillery manager.

The ABCs of Bourbon

If you have ever wondered what exactly is Bourbon, you can get your answer here. Brandon goes through the ABCs of Bourbon. Why ABCs? It is a simple way to remember the laws defining what the requirements are to be called Bourbon.

What Makes Cleveland Whiskey Special

Here Brandon explains talks about our technology and our process that allows us to finish whiskey rapidly, but more importantly, finish whiskey predominantly with woods other than oak, like Black Cherry or Sugar Maple.

Guidelines for Tasting Whiskey

Here Brandon takes us through the process of tasting whiskey. Some of you, no doubt, have done it before and know exactly what to do and look for. For some of you this may be the first time you have done a ‘whiskey tasting’ so Brandon provides some guidelines on where to start. Don’t worry, there is no wrong way.

Tom’s Motivation

Get a little deeper into the story of how Tom came to invent our process and why.

Tom on ‘Why Oak Barrels’

Here Tom talks about how Oak Barrels became the aging vessel. It may not be as glamorous as you expect.

How the Navy was an Influence

Here Tom talks about his experience in the Navy and how it influenced him to take the distillery path.

Distillery Walk Through

Alas, we are coming to the end of our tour. Here is a simple walk through of the distillery so you can see where everything sits today.

Get Updates

We are currently in the process of building a new distillery in Cleveland South Flats. We will increase our capacity and create an even better distillery destination experience. We would love for you to visit us if you ever find yourself in our neighborhood.  If you share your information we send updates, cocktails, tastings and other events once a week. There will be a BIG announcement when we are gonna open up the new space.

Thanks for visiting. We would love to hear from you.