Cleveland Black Reserve

Whiskey. Without Limits.

Cleveland Black Reserve is a 100 proof, full-bodied bourbon. Cleveland Whiskey uses a proprietary process called Pressure-Aging,® a process that opens and closes the pores of charred oak to significantly speed the aging. However, you’ll find the technique also makes for a richer, more flavorful bourbon that’s easy to drink.

Tasting Notes
Black Reserve delivers sweet vanilla oak, butterscotch, and caramel greet the nose, almost like an ice cream sundae. Upon first taste, classic bourbon notes hit your palette: Crushed clove, cinnamon, vanilla. This gives way to a finish reminiscent of pecan pie, raisins, and caramelized sugar. No added sugar, artificial flavor or preservatives.
Gluten free.

Mash Bill
75% Corn 21% Rye 4% Malted Barley

50% Alc by Vol  |  100 Proof  |  750ml Bottle

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