Christmas Bourbon & Christmas Bourbon Almonds

Christmas Bourbon AlmondsDessert. Dessert. Who doesn’t love dessert?

If you have ever been to a festival in the fall you know they almost always have roasted spiced nuts. The aroma of the sweet and spicy creation wafts through the air like an announcement that summer is over and the holidays are coming. Almonds are my favorite and they make such a nice nutty canvas for the sweet spice crunch to adhere. So often packaged in a small rectangular bundle tied closed at the top just waiting for someone to open it and take a handful. We put together a recipe for you to make Christmas Bourbon Almonds at home.

We paired our Christmas Bourbon poured over a large ice ball and garnished with a cinnamon stick and an anise star with crushed Christmas Bourbon Almonds over Vanilla Bean Ice Cream. The creamy and the crunch with the warm slightly sweet bourbon that tastes like Christmas.