Whiskey Raspberry Iced Tea

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Whiskey Raspberry Iced Tea

In the summer there are many times when you just want a refreshing and easy-to-make cocktail but also want to impress your peers. For those moments, turn to this Whiskey Raspberry Iced Tea! It’s a great option on those hot days of summer and just another example of our love to create bourbon excellence.

A mellow summer sipper that features our Wheat Penny Bourbon, muddled raspberries, fresh lemon juice, and of course your favorite Sweetened Iced Tea. A key to a good cocktail is balance. The flavor of bourbon is definitely there, but the crisp flavor of the iced tea, the tart flavor of the raspberries, and the unique sour taste of lemon juice give it balance. Garnish with a mint sprig, lemon wedge, and raspberries for a sophisticated touch and to create a distinctively pleasant aroma. This cocktail is just perfect for porch-sitting, hot summer nights, and the soundtrack of cicadas. Cheers!

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