Whiskey Couch

Whiskey Couch

Whiskey. Whisky. We’re not insinuating you need professional help, but if the spelling of this most glorious word one way or the other upsets you, seek counsel. Put your feet up, ponder the universe and have yourself a refreshing grown-up smoothie of sorts. Making superb bourbon is what we do. We leave the semantics to the pros. And the couch – that’s all yours. Bottoms down.


You will need:

1 ½ oz Cleveland Underground Bourbon Finished with Black Cherry Wood 
2 oz Fresh lemon juice
1 oz Pear juice
1/3 oz Agave Syrup
4 dashes of black walnut bitters
Fresh strawberries


  1. Shake and strain into a rocks glass packed with ice
  2. Garnish with Fresh Strawberries