Whiskey Business

Whiskey Business

Let’s do (Whiskey) Business! This refreshing cocktail recipe is from @adventuresofchefanie, on Instagram. You’d think that tequila was the spirit of choice for this drink at first glance. Well, we are going to tell you something you heard all the time growing up, “Don’t judge a book by its cover.” Our Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood is the spirit of choice, because why not? We are always telling you guys that our Black Cherry Wood Bourbon is so versatile and this Whiskey Business cocktail is just another example of that.

The hot and humid days are inevitable, do yourself a favor and get prepared! This recipe is so simple yet so refreshing and tasty! The combination of the Orange Brandy and pineapple juice gives it that light, beautiful color. They also give it a sweet, smooth taste that will brighten your taste buds and whole mood. To enhance that flavor even further, rim your glass with some Tajín® rimming powder. You’re now ready to conduct some Whiskey Business. Enjoy!

Cocktail Ingredients:

Cocktail Instructions:

  1. Rim a rocks glass with a lime slice and then dip into Tajin seasoning.
  2. Combine all ingredients except the club soda in a shaker tin and shake. Strain mixture into a rocks glass.
  3. Top with club soda and a slice of lime.