Underground Watermelon Crusher

Schweet and Schpicy. Hot and Cool. Oxymorons are so underappreciated. It makes us sad. So we’ve decided to let the limes and the lemons share a glass with our sweet black cherry finished bourbon. It’s not as contradictory or complicated anymore somehow.

Cucumbers play with watermelon, green chile liqueur cohabitates peacefully with blueberries. World Peace and Unicorns. Yeah, we got this.


You will need:

1 ½ oz        Cleveland Underground Bourbon Finished with Black Cherry Wood
½ oz           Ancho Reyes Green Chile Liqueur
2 oz             Fresh watermelon juice
½ oz           Lime juice
½ oz           Agave Syrup
2 Dashes    Lemon bitters
1 sliced thin small cucumber
Fresh basil leaves and blueberries


  1. Add ingredients to a shaker tin and lightly muddle the cucumber.
  2. Add ice, shake and strain into a chilled rocks glass packed with ice.
  3. Garnish with fresh basil, cucumber and blueberries