The Tax Relief

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The Tax Relief

Tax Day. Two words nobody wants to hear. Do not fret if you’re feeling the tax day blues, we’ve got a drink that’ll turn your frown upside down! Introducing The Tax Relief – a cocktail so good, even Tax Day can be enjoyable.

The Tax Relief is like a mini vacation in a glass! Because no matter what the IRS throws your way, you’ve got a delicious cocktail to help you weather the storm. Let the stress melt away with all kinds of fresh, flavorful, and fun ingredients lighting up your taste buds. The pumpkin pie spice seasoning mixed with sugar is a key ingredient that perfectly complements the fresh and tropical flavors of the fruit, adding a warm and cozy touch to this delicious Tax Day cocktail.

As you take that last sip and then enjoy the cherry and charred pineapple chunk you start to realize that tax day isn’t so bad after all. Get ready for next year, we’ll be back with another one-of-a-kind cocktail to help you melt the stress of Tax Day away. Cheers!

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