The Cleveland Manhattan

Our Tale of Two Cities. Who needs London and Paris, Mr. Dickens?

Soon to be more preferred than your favorite foo-foo coffee drink, hot or cold. Two world famous cities meet in this one fantastic concoction, with coffee. And orange, if you like.  Now you can conquer two cities at once, courtesy of Cleveland Whiskey.  Drink your heart out Charles, because we too believe in the possibility of resurrection and transformation both on a personal level and a societal level.  Cheers to our Great Expectations for the Cleveland Manhattan.


You will need:

2 oz             Cleveland Underground Rye Finished with Black Cherry Wood 
¾ oz           Sweet vermouth
¼ oz           Cold brew coffee
3 dashes     Orange bitters (or favorite)
Maraschino cherry


  1. Stir and strain ingredients into a rocks glass with a large ice cube
  2. Garnish with a maraschino cherry