Sweet-Tart Whiskey Smash

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Sweet-Tart Whiskey Smash

Like many cocktails, the question of the whiskey smash’s exact definition is totally up to you. It is an open-ended cocktail, freely variable and seasonally flexible. The basic elements remain pretty consistent: a spirit base, ice, some type of herb, sugar, and the ever-present seasonal fruit. All of those are present in this Sweet-Tart Whiskey Smash! We are using our Wheat Penny Bourbon as the base, muddled pineapple chunks for the seasonal fruit, simple syrup, and mint for the garnish. To balance out the sweetness we added 100% Pure Squeezed Grapefruit Juice! Simply Grapefruit is made from a harmonious blend of grapefruit varieties and is a 100% not-from-concentrate grapefruit juice. It adds a slight bitterness that works perfectly with the bright and vibrant tropical pineapple taste.

To elevate the aroma of this cocktail and give it a pleasant mouthfeel, we added ginger liqueur. The Ginger Liqueur invites you to the drink with an aroma of ginger and honey, with a slight hint of tropical sunshine! You’ll be grinning ear to ear once you have that first sip.

When you’re starting to craft, give the muddling a good go, and don’t sell the drink short because you didn’t muddle correctly. Make sure you get all of those flavors released! We’ve technically got one month left of summer, live it up with this beautiful Sweet-Tart Whiskey Smash!