S’Mores Old-Fashioned

S'mores Old Fashioned

S'Mores Old-Fashioned

Drink Ingredients

2oz               Cleveland Underground Bourbon Whiskey – Black Cherry Wood
0.5oz            Scorched sugar syrup*
4 Dashes     Cinnamon bitters
Canfield’s Chocolate Fudge soda
Toasted marshmallow
Graham cracker crumbs
Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup


  1. Coat the rim of a rocks glass with chocolate syrup and dip in graham cracker dust
  2. Build in that glass ice, bourbon, syrup and stir
  3. Top with a splash of Canfield’s Chocolate Fudge soda
  4. Garnish with a Toasted marshmallow and a drizzle of Hershey’s Chocolate Syrup

*Scorched Sugar Syrup

¼ c white sugar
1/3 c water


Place ¼ cup white sugar in a saucepan over medium-high heat.Let the sugar start to melt, then smoke, and when the first bubble of black scorched sugar pops at the surface, remove from heat

Immediately add 1/3 cup of water… CAREFULLY. This is a pan that is around 400 degrees with melted syrup in it. The water will immediately evaporate, which means this is a violent reaction. Wear whatever safety gear you consider appropriate. This is dangerous… and totally worth it.

Keep stirring to combine and deglaze the saucepan of the carbonized carbohydrates and let stand over low heat until all crystallized sugar has combined with the water.

Will keep for 6 days.