Smokin Pepper

Smokin Pepper

Looking for a way to spice up your at-home life? Say hello to the Smokin Pepper!

Don’t be afraid of the name or the ingredients listed, this cocktail won’t burn your mouth or cause you to cough up smoke. It actually is very savory, the abundance of flavors really come together to create something great.

We encourage you to try this out, even if you don’t usually enjoy spicy flavors. Sometimes all you need is one sip of a cocktail for you to know that it’s for you. Get out of your comfort zone and spice it up for a change. If you don’t like it, at least you tried something different.

For all of you who enjoy spicy flavors, add this to your list of go-to’s. So simple to make yet so much flavor. If you’ve never used our Smokin Bourbon before, you’re missing out. It can be used in many different ways but this might be our favorite.

You Will Need:

  • 2 oz Smokin Bourbon
  • 1 oz Ancho Reyes chili liqueur
  • 1/2 oz Amaro
  • 1-1/2 oz Aquafaba
  • Garnish with Jalapeno


  1. Combine first four ingredients in a shaker filled with ice
  2. Shake vigorously for about 30 seconds
  3. Strain into a chilled coupe glass
  4. Garnish with Jalepeno