Rusty Rivet

This cocktail is superb. And simple.  Simply superb really. Or superbly simple.  You choose.  It’s based on the Rusty Nail, which, to me, conjures up the need for a tetanus shot….but that’s just me. A little of our Smokin Bourbon, a little Honey Whiskey Liqueur (or Drambuie if it’s just sitting around) and a few drops of absinthe and you’re good to go, no tetanus needed.

Historically, the cocktail first appeared in 1937 (at a British Industries Fair and consisted of Drambuie, scotch whisky and bitters). They weren’t as fortunate to have our newly released Smokin American Bourbon, nor our Rusty Rivet recipe.

A historically riveting tale (yes, clever pun intended of course) does not yet belong to our cocktail but feel free to concoct one while slinging this novel beauty back. Cheers.

You will need:

1 1/4 oz Smokin Whiskey
3/4 oz Honey Whiskey liqueur
3 drop absinthe


  1.  Pour ingredients into rocks glass over ice.
  2.  Stir.