Magic Whiskey Slide

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Magic Whiskey Slide

Omg y’all, you have no idea how excited we are to share this Magic Whiskey Slide with you. A sophisticated, classy, and delicious cocktail.

If you’ve never had a Mudslide before, it is usually made with Kahlua, Vodka, and Irish cream. A variation of a White Russian, back in the 1970’s it’s said a customer at a bar on the Grand Cayman Islands ordered a White Russian, but the bar didn’t have heavy cream. They improvised and grabbed the Irish cream and then the Mudslide was born! A ton of variations have been spawned but none like this, we used the power of whiskey! Our Magic Rabbit Whiskey and Bridge & Main American Wheat Bourbon to be specific.

The first order of business was easy – swap the Kahlua for our Magic Rabbit Whiskey. To get back that intense coffee flavor from the Kahlua, we decided to just use Coffee Ice Cream as the base instead of vanilla! This also allowed us to add in our Bridge & Main Bourbon to give it that kick that you crave. Sweet, creamy, and savory up front but the fact that you can still taste that delicious bourbon on the finish, it’s amazing. There are so many possible garnishes but we went with half of a chocolate chip cookie, be creative with it! Satisfy your sweet tooth with a quick and easy dessert drink!