S’more Magic

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Magic S'mores

S'more Magic

Who doesn’t love S’more Magic? S’mores are the great American camping treat and were first introduced to us in the 1920s in a recipe book published by Campfire Marshmallows. They used the term ‘Graham Cracker Sandwich’ back then until the Girl Scouts published a similar recipe calling it ‘some more.” The term has evolved to what we know it as today, S’more. the original S’more itself has also evolved, with many different recipes and ways to enjoy the tasty treat. We’ve done a few S’mores recipes before but nothing like this! Have you ever made a S’more with a peanut butter cup instead of the chocolate bar? Well, that’s what you’re getting with this S’more Magic cocktail and it comes from Magic Rabbit Whiskey.

It’s not S’more season but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy one in a different, more magical way!

Another little twist we made was to splash in some Blanco Tequila to add a little bit of floral sweetness and give it a fierce finish with a soft mouthfeel. The peanut butter flavors take the flavor of this S’more to the next level, making you wonder why peanut butter wasn’t involved in the first S’more ever made!