Magic Milkshake

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Magic Milkshake

Magic Milkshake: The Ultimate Boozy Milkshake

If happiness is a boozy milkshake then a boozy chocolate peanut butter milkshake must be euphoric! We messed around and created a Magic Milkshake that will make any stress you have, disappear.

The Magic Rabbit Whiskey® works so well with the chocolate milk adding peanut buttery goodness with just a little bite. Surprisingly delightful, I guess not that surprising as we are talking about chocolate and peanut butter together. We garnished with these cute, mini peanut butter cups but you can use whatever you would like!

You know, when the term “milkshake” was first used in print in 1885, they were known as alcoholic whiskey drinks that were described as “sturdy, healthful eggnog type of drink” that was served as a tonic as well as a treat. Pretty neat!