Independence Bourbon Tea

Independence Bourbon Tea

Well, it took us a little bit of time…. You know, this cocktail recipe R & D at a Spirits company can be grueling – but we have concocted the best tasting and most patriotic Red White & Blue cocktail of the century. Of the Ages, really.  For all of us above the age of 21.  

Who doesn’t want to celebrate the 4th with a cool drink containing Bourbon, White Chocolate and Blueberries, among other ingredients?  That would be downright unpatriotic.  Cheers to America, and us, for this glorious Red White and Blue celebration of Independence Day.  Firecrackers are in order. Light ‘em up if you got ‘em. Otherwise, sit down and bottoms up.  Enjoy the show.  

Cheers to America. And you. And our R&D team.  

Happy 4th from all of us at Cleveland Whiskey. 


You will need:

1.5 oz    Cleveland Underground Bourbon Finished with Black Cherry Wood
1/2 oz   Grenadine
2 oz       Lemonade
2 oz       Butterfly pea flower tea (boiling water over Butterfly pea flower leaves – cooled)
Maraschino Cherry
Lindt White Chocolate Truffle


  1. Build into a pint glass filled with ice
  2. Pour Bourbon then add grenadine. Carefully pour in lemonade and top with Butterfly pea flower tea.
  3. Garnish with a cherry, Lindt White Chocolate Truffle and blueberries on a spear.
  4. Take the picture. Then take out the garnish, stir the cocktail and re-garnish. It looks good separated, but it’s tastier when stirred!