Honey’s Hammock

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Honey's Hammock

The weather is starting to warm up, and there’s no better drink to enjoy in the sun than a fizzy, fruity, boozy cocktail! Introducing the Honey’s Hammock, your new go-to summer drink. We started out with our Honey Locust Wood Finished Bourbon and combined it with some Buckeye Cherry Liqueur, St Germain, creamed honey, and some lemon juice. With those ingredients, we knew we were going to need something to offset the intensely sweet flavor, in comes the fizz! As weird as it sounds, the sensation that we get from a fizzy drink comes from our pain receptors lighting up. A little pain can be nice, like eating spicy food, not stubbing your toe type of pain.

Start the warm-weather season off right and light up your tastebuds! Share this recipe with your friends and family all summer long.