Dragon Fruit & Lavender Spritzer

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Dragon Fruit & Lavender Spritzer

Alright Spring, we’re ready for those May flowers now! The April showers have leaked into the first week of May so we’ve been inside brainstorming delicious and refreshing summer cocktails! We have some amazing cocktails on the way but first up, a Dragon Fruit & Lavender Spritzer.

A classic Spritzer is a tall, chilled drink, usually made with white wine and carbonated water or sparkling mineral water. For starters, we substituted the white wine for our Black Cherry Wood Finished Bourbon mixed with honey. Getting the honey to dissolve can take a while so don’t give up and keep stirring until the honey is fully dissolved in the bourbon. We made our own Lavender extract from dried lavender petals we got from Amazon and Everclear® (or vodka is fine), see below for instructions. The Dragon Fruit water flavor adds a little sweetness as well as a little tartness. Perfect for a refreshing cocktail! Now for the best part, the spritzer. We used Dragon Fruit Sparkling Water which adds a fruity and stimulating flavor but also that beautiful and unique color. It’s officially summer cocktail season, time to get started!

Lavender Extract Instructions:

  1. In a pint Mason jar combine 1/2 cup of dried lavender petals with a neutral grain spirit like vodka or Everclear.
  2. Set it in the refrigerator for a couple of weeks. Shake it periodically.
  3. Strain into a glass jar with a dropper lid.