Dirty Shirley Float

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Meet, Dirty Shirley

Life as an adult can sometimes feel mundane and predictable. But at Cleveland Whiskey, we believe that being an adult should never be boring. And guess what? Bourbon doesn’t have to be either!

Remember the sheer joy of ordering a fancy Shirley Temple as a child on a scorching summer day? That sweet, refreshing concoction with the delightful cherry on top—pure bliss! Some of us even dared to ask for extra cherries…

We know that adulting often comes with its fair share of responsibilities—bills, taxes, and sleep deprivation, to name a few. But there’s one thing we can always count on to bring a smile to our faces: ice cream! And guess what? As adults, we can enjoy it whenever we want, without needing permission!

Now, picture this: a single glass that combines all of these cherished experiences into one delectable masterpiece. That’s where we come in. Introducing the Dirty Shirley Temple Float—the ultimate fusion of a classic Shirley Temple, velvety ice cream, and the smooth, satisfying essence of our beloved black cherry finished bourbon. It’s like reliving your fondest childhood memories while embracing the pleasures of adulthood.

At Cleveland Whiskey, we believe in making every moment count. That’s why we’ve crafted this unique masterpiece, igniting your taste buds with nostalgia and excitement.

Join us on this extraordinary journey where bourbon meets bliss, and childhood dreams intertwine with the pleasures of grown-up life. Are you ready to take a sip? Your inner child is waiting, and so are we.