Cold Brew Magic Frappe

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Cold Brew Magic Frappe

Cold Brew Coffee has become the go-to for a lot of people, especially during the summer months. It’s not only become a staple but also a highly appealing alternative to soda and other artificially sweetened beverages. We hopped on the Cold Brew bandwagon and created a Cold Brew Cocktail for you to enjoy this summer! We couldn’t pass up this opportunity, it just made too much sense. This Cold Brew Magic Frappe is a MUST-have when you’re hanging out this summer.

The combination of Coconut Milk and Magic Rabbit is dynamite! The sweet, and nutty flavors really pop on your tongue while the cooling sensation of the cold brew and whipped cream keep it very well-balanced. Not too sweet, with the perfect amount of creaminess, this Cold Brew Magic Frappe is truly magic! Just look at the photo, it’s brew-tiful! If you want a boujee “whip” instead of regular whipped cream, see below! Have fun with it and please enjoy it responsibly.

Banana Whip Recipe

  1. Combine 2.5 oz of Sugar, 6 oz of Heavy Cream, and 1.5 oz of 99 Bananas in a whipper and shake for a few minutes to ensure everything is dissolved.
  2. Charge with a NO2 cartridge.
  3. Top your cold brew cocktail!