Cleveland Bourbon Whip

Cleveland Bourbon Whip

Cleveland Bourbon Whip

You will need:

2cups      Cold Heavy Cream
1 tbsp      Cleveland Whiskey Black Reserve Bourbon
1 tbsp      Grade A Maple Syrup
½ tbsp    Dark chocolate syrup
½ tbsp    White chocolate syrup
½ tbsp    Caramel syrup
1 tsp         Instant coffee crystals
1 tsp         Fernet Branca Menta*
2 dashes  Fee Brothers Black Walnut Bitters**



1. Combine all ingredients in an whipped cream siphon and shake aggressively until everything is mixed up and dissolved.
2. Charge the siphon with one nitrous oxide canister, shake a few more times to cavitate the heavy cream, and use immediately or keep refrigerated for up to ten days.

Elbow Grease
1. Prepare and ice bath.
2. Combine everything but the heavy cream in a small mixing bowl and stir until everything is dissolved and homogenous.
3. Pour the heavy cream in a chilled metal mixing bowl and beat the hell out of it until it thickens and forms stiff peaks.
a. If you overwork it, no worries: let the mixing bowl rest in the ice bath for a few minutes and get back to beating the hell out of it.
4. Once your whipped cream is owned, add the other ingredients and fold them in until combined.
5. Use immediately


*Any Crème de menthe will do

*Sub for your favorite bitters