Christmas Fruitcake Cocktail

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Christmas Fruitcake Cocktail

We’re so excited for our seasonal Christmas Bourbon to be back! Some would call it, “The most wonderful time of the year.” It’s different than a traditional bourbon but much more than just flavored whiskey. Christmas Bourbon combines the taste and subtle aroma of holiday baking spices like nutmeg, cinnamon, orange peel, clove, and more! This year’s labels feature three different guitar styles in different colors celebrating the rich history of Rock n’ Roll and our city. While Christmas Bourbon is great neat or on the rocks, it makes some incredible cocktails as well like this Christmas Fruitcake Cocktail! Fruitcake is popular around the holidays, and while it has a bad reputation by some, the cocktail version is superb.

You’re probably thinking, “I’m not ready for winter cocktails yet!” Well, neither are we, this Christmas Fruitcake Cocktail is very refreshing and perfect for this time of the year. It also shows how versatile our Christmas Bourbon is, you can enjoy it all year round if you’d like. To make this drink light, we used the intensely fruity and peach-forward spirit known as Peach Schnapps. A little Peach Schnapps goes a long way in adding flavor to a cocktail. A sneaky, but important piece of this drink is the Amaretto. The sweet notes of brown sugar bleed through to give this cocktail perfect balance and a taste that is second to none. Garnish with an orange peel and clove to enhance that subtle aroma of holiday baking spices and you’re ready to enjoy. Cheers!

Gather your friends and family this holiday season, grab a bottle of Christmas Bourbon and enjoy a new holiday tradition. Our Christmas Curbside Event is this weekend, get yourself a bottle, or two, before it’s available in stores.