Christmas Eggnog

This eggnog is just decadent.  It’s naughty and yet so nice.  So nice. Nicer than naughty, and not for kids under 21. That would be naughty.   

Our Christmas Bourbon® is a perfect match for the classic eggnog drink. Add crème soda and cinnamon and nutmeg and suddenly Christmas cheer is abundant.  You’re ready to tackle the crowds, sing with the choirs, wrap and assemble toys all night long, and eat fruitcake whilst pretending you like it. 

Good for you.  Be nice.  We’re here to help.  Just keep a strong supply of eggnog in the fridge.  


You will need:

1 1/2 oz Christmas Bourbon®
2 oz EggNog
3 oz Jones® Crème Soda (or your favorite)
Cinnamon stick
Colored sugars optional


  1. Rim glasses with sugar.
  2. Add Bourbon, egg nog and crème soda.
  3. Add Cinnamon Stick.

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