Christmas Bourbon Cider

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Christmas Bourbon Cider

The holidays are upon us, which means you need an easy and tasty cocktail to whip up for all your festivities. A cocktail that you know can’t disappoint, you don’t need to give your wacky family another reason to heckle you. Instead, give them a reason to praise you! A delicious pour of Christmas Bourbon Cider should do the trick. One taste of this concoction and they will be obsessed.

Our Christmas BourbonĀ® and Apple Cider make such a good pair. The sweet, crisp taste of the cider gets a warm, holiday-spice addition that has you ready for any holiday activity. The orange juice and lemon bitters add some much-needed acidity to create a perfectly balanced cocktail. Come for the taste, and stay for the delicious aroma this cocktail gives off. Make the holidays great this year with some Christmas Bourbon Cider!

If you need help finding our Christmas Bourbon, head on over to OHLQ.com where you can search for it and find stores near you that carry it. Or, send us an email or message on social media and we can help point you in the right direction.