Bourbon Pairing: Black Cherry Wood Bourbon

Bourbon Pairing: Black Cherry Wood Bourbon

Bringing the sauce in New Hampshire!

Here we go again! Our excitement level for Thanksgiving is at an all-time high thanks to these fall side dish pairings. In keeping with the Better Homes & Garden article, New Hampshire’s favorite Thanksgiving side dish is the ever-popular Cranberry Sauce.

The Cranberry Sauce gels everything together while enjoying Thanksgiving Day dinner. Not only is it enjoyed as a side dish, but people use it as a condiment for their turkey or stuffing. Just thinking about the sweet and sour taste has us so excited to pair it with one of our most popular bourbons.

When we found this Brandied Cherry Cranberry Sauce on the Striped Spatula Food Blog, we knew right away that it would be perfect to pair with our Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood. This recipe puts an elegant twist on the traditional Thanksgiving side dish. The combination of the dark red cherries and the fresh cranberries creates a beautiful flavor. The darker the cherry, the more vibrant the flavor. The deep mahogany red color of the cherries mixes well the red and pink shades of the cranberries to create a stunning-looking sauce.

We used an Apple Brandy because it was what we had on hand and it enhanced the tanginess of the cranberries, it’s delicious, but you can use any brandy you would like. It’s so easy to make and if you’re new to the cooking crew this year, this would be a perfect side dish for you. You never know, it could get a permanent spot at the Thanksgiving Dinner table.

Enjoying a pour of our Black Cherry Wood while feasting on the Cranberry Sauce is like having a whiskey sour with cherries. The spice from the bourbon makes it a great complement to the sweet and sour taste of the cranberry sauce. It makes sense that the cherry fruit and the cherry wood finish pair nicely.

Is your mouth watering yet?