Bourbon Pairing: Black Cherry Wood Bourbon Full Proof

Stuffed to the top in Massachusetts and Rhode Island!

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, and we have another bourbon pairing for you. Our favorite fall holiday side dish theme continues this week. According to the Better Homes & Garden article, both Massachusetts and Rhode Island claimed Stuffing as their favorite Turkey Day trimming.

What is Stuffing? And how is it different than dressing? Well, at the core, they are very similar. Both dishes contain the same basic ingredients, but stuffing is cooked inside the turkey while dressing is baked in a separate casserole dish on the side. There, no more confusion. But… there is one caveat. The variety of ingredient options to make the stuffing unique is nearly endless. That’s why stuffing is a great canvas for flavor creativity.

Nearly everyone has their favorite stuffing recipe but why not try something new? We chose this Cornbread Dressing recipe from Tastes Better from Scratch. Thanks Lauren Allen! It is made with a mixture of French bread and cornbread which gives a bit of corn sweetness to the dish overall. We may have added a little sage pork sausage to the recipe, but hey, who’s complaining? The sausage builds on the savory side of the recipe and balances the sweetness well. Don’t worry, it won’t take the place of your grandma’s recipe, just add it to the table.

The Underground Full-Proof Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood is our choice to pair with this lovely dish. Since all bourbon starts with at least 51% corn in the mash bill, the sweetness of the cornbread complements the bourbon nicely. They both start sweet upfront and blossom into so much more. The spice on the palate from the bourbon and the seasoned savory side of the stuffing layer together to make a wonderfully complex flavor experience.

Your tastebuds can thank us later.