Boston Breeze

Fahget the Packie* wheah you buy beah.

We have no idea if this cocktail actually originated from Boston, with all the Chowdahead’s, but this wicked good Bourbon drink is like taking a minivacation. Just remembuh to use your Boston English to make it all the more wicked fun. And of course, Cleveland Whiskey.

No suh! Ya huh!

* if you’re not familiar with a ‘Packie’ it is short for a Package Store which is a liquor store


You will need:

1 ½ oz    Cleveland Whiskey Black Reserve Bourbon
½ oz       Chambord
2 oz         Cranberry Juice
½ oz       Fresh Lime Juice
Angry Orchard Green Apple
Orange slice


  1. Build into a Pint glass packed with ice
  2. Top with Angry Orchard Green Apple
  3. Garnish with Orange slice.