Blackberry Whiskey Refresher

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Blackberry Whiskey Refresher

This Blackberry Whiskey Refresher is about to be your new summertime BFF! A quick and light sip for those warm summer days. This exhilarating drink is made with our Wheat Penny® Bourbon along with muddled blackberries, lime slices, and cucumber slices! The sweet notes of the bourbon are a perfect match for the earthy flavors that come from the muddled cucumbers and blackberries. Be sure to cut your ingredients into quarters for best muddling practices. Use a cocktail shaker if you have one, it’s important to shake well to ensure all the ingredients are properly mixed. If you don’t have a cocktail shaker, pour everything into a large mason jar, add some ice, then screw the lid on and shake.

Fruity, citrusy, rich, and earthy. To add a little bit of fizzy fun, top it off with some Ginger Ale. You’re now ready for any summer activity: a cocktail hour at home. brunch at home, or a lazy afternoon in the sunshine.

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