Black Cherry Whiskey Claw

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Whiskey Raspberry Iced Tea

Our Underground Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood is our most popular product and wood finish. It’s a superb product. Coincidentally, White Claw’s most popular flavor is their Black Cherry Seltzer. Yes, we did what you were thinking. We combined them and created a delicious cocktail! This is the perfect cocktail for you to enjoy with your best friend on #NationalBestFriendDay this Wednesday, June 8th. One of you can provide the White Claws and lemon juice, the other can provide the bourbon and cocktail cherries. Or vice versa!

Once you have your ingredients, you’re basically ready to go. The less time you spend crafting, the more time you have to enjoy your best friend’s company. Plus, a cocktail always tastes better when you’re enjoying it with somebody else. Together the deliciousness of these two Black Cherry products creates a powerhouse taste that is refreshing, light, and yummy! A key component that goes under the radar is adding a spoonful of cherry syrup. It adds a touch of sweetness and bleeds through the whole drink to create that beautiful color. Please enjoy responsibly