Underground Black Cherry Wood Bourbon Wins Platinum at the 2019 SIP Awards

June 18, 2019

Well, needless to say, we are quite pleased with ourselves.  Winning Platinum at the only internationally recognized blind tasting competition that enlists consumers as judges would thrill anyone.  One might say “Yippee” here.

Instead, Tom Lix, our CEO, said “This win validates the continued investments we’ve made in our process and technology.  What we’re making today is a leap forward in terms of customer experience and we’ll continue, not only improving what we make today, but also launching new, innovative and interesting products in the future”.

And then I think I heard someone say “Yippee”.  It may have been Tom.

Rightfully so.  Two years in a row we’ve been scooping up medals at the SIPs.  In 2018, we won a Double Gold in the Small Batch Bourbon category for our Cleveland Underground Select Bourbon Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood.  We also scooped up, in the Special Barrel Finished Bourbon category, a Shiny Gold for our Cleveland Whiskey Uncommon Barrel Bourbon Whiskey.  We’ll take them.  Yay us.

Not to brag, but this year, 2019, we not only won the Platinum for our Bourbon Whiskey, but our Underground Rye Whiskey Finished with Black Cherry Wood also won a shiny Silver medal.

The best news of all, besides the gluttonous medal sweep, is that the SIP awards is a different animal than other award contests, and they planned it to be so, by “providing one of the most reliable measures of beverage quality rating in the world by delivering the opinions, thoughts, and voices of the consumers to the general public”.  Yes, you read that correctly.  The consumers are the judges. You do have a voice, or a vote, or….a glass and a notepad. The genesis of the competition, in their own words, “was to fill [this] void, bringing the people who regularly consume your product together to decide which brands deserve this prestigious award. We set out to create a fair competition by strategically choosing consumers from all demographics, conceiving an event that cuts to the core of public opinion as a starting point… “

Snap…  Looking forward to 2020.  Game ON.