Smokin’ Bloody Mary

Bloody Smokin Mary
I have always loved Bloody Mary’s, heavy on the horseradish. Extra stalk of celery please. Toss in a strip of bacon too, and an olive, since you’re loading up on the garnishes. But this cocktail, made with our new Smokin bourbon, takes the Bloody Mary to a whole new atmosphere. Mary would be proud. And happy. So happy.
This will be the best Smokin’ Bloody Mary you’ve ever had, ever. We’re sure. After all, we’re the experts.


You will need:

2 oz Smokin Whiskey
5 oz Pope’s Bold and Spicy Bloody Mary Mix*
Your Favorite Bloody Mary Garnishes


1. Pour whiskey and mix over ice and add garnish.


  • Your favorite Pope’s Kitchen (or your local brand) Bloody Mary Mix, We just love the Bold and Spicy but it works with the other varieties too!