Cleveland Whiskey Mixtape

March 23, 2020

Cleveland Whiskey Mixtape is a compilation of songs to our fans from our team. Remember Mixtapes? Back in the day we used to make them for our friends, girlfriends, boyfriends, and really anyone who we thought would appreciate a set of songs we put together specifically for them. Well, times have changed and we aren’t hiding a boom box behind the labeling machine, but since some of us are working remote and we know some of you are too, we had a little fun this week putting together a modern day Mixtape Spotify playlist. This is a compilation of songs our team said represents us, Cleveland Whiskey.

Listen and love it or tolerate it. I think it does a great job of illustrating how unique we are. Both our team and the products we make.

March 21st we were supposed to have another unique whiskey launch. Honey Barrel Finished Bourbon… bottled at barrel strength. We were all REALLY looking forward to that one but you all know why we have to wait a little longer. We want everyone to be safe now and be happy and healthy and ready when we reschedule this event. It will be epic! In the meantime, this music brightened our day and we hope it brightens yours too.

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