Buckeye Slide


Buckeye Slide

You will need:

2 1/2 oz       Cleveland Underground Sugar Maple Wood Finished Bourbon
1 1/2 oz       Bittermens New Orleans Coffee Liqueur*
1/2 oz          Branca Mentha**
1 Tbsp         Dark Chocolate Syrup
1 Tbsp         White Chocolate Syrup
1 Tbsp         Caramel Sauce
1 Scoop       Graeter’s Buckeye Blitz Ice Cream***
2 Scoops     Vanilla Bean Ice Cream
1 demolished Heath Bar****


1. Fill a hurricane (or any large glass) with ice and top off with water, set aside.
2. Add a scoop of ice (about 12oz) to a blender.
3. Add everything but the candy bar crumbles and whipped cream to the blender and pulverize until smooth.
4. Discard ice water from your serving glass and pour contents of blender into it.
5. Garnish with Whipped Cleveland Creamer and Heath Bar Crumbles


* Any coffee liqueur, like Kamora or Kahlua
** You can sub out any mint liqueur, preferably clear
*** To get the full experience, you gotta go with a buckeye ice cream, but in a pinch peanut butter and chocolate ice cream will do.
**** Any candy bar with crunchy bits that you can smash in a bag with a hammer will do.