A Smokin’ Baltic Porter

Baltic Porter is a style of porter that was common to the areas around the Baltic Sea; in other words, the places where Winter isn’t a season but more a way of life. As you might imagine then, this is a beer that can keep you warm on a cold winter evening. It has a relatively high ABV, a clean lager fermentation character, and a complex malt profile.

Smokin’ is our new whiskey released last year, a moderately smoky bourbon which will warm you right up.

A Porter Boilermaker is the concoction we recommend this January to make you happy, happier than you thought you could be in January.  It’s a basic pairing of a cold beer with a shot of whiskey, our whiskey.  It’s believed the drink takes its name from the workers, the boilermakers specifically, who worked on steam locomotives in the 1800’s and, at the end of the day, would sling back a shot of whiskey with a beer (who doesn’t?!).

There does exist a debate regarding how the boilermaker is supposed to be consumed. While the shot and beer combo might seem straightforward, there are actually several different methods, and ingredients, for drinking it….. as with all cocktails.

We’ve shown a few pictures of our favorites, all including Smokin’ of course.  The only constant is that most people agree the shot must be whiskey (our whiskey). The first photo is a boilermaker made with Edmund Fitzgerald from Great Lakes Brewing. The second photo is a boilermaker made with Saugatuck Brewing’s Peanut Butter Porter. Finally, the third photo is an adaption on the boilermaker – we replaced the Porter Beer with Ciderboys Blackberry Wild Cider.  All three are fantastic. But don’t trust us.

Let’s shuffle on with the drinking. The first, most basic way: you drink the entire shot and then chase it with the beer. Simple enough. Another method is dropping the shot directly into the beer. A third way is to pour the shot directly into a beer can or bottle. Fans of this latter method say it’s the best way to enjoy the beer and whiskey interplay.  Just use our Smokin’ – Bottoms up! Here’s to our Smokin’ Boilermaker!